“This is what we use in-house to quickly create million-dollar VSLs!”

— Ryan Deiss, DigitalMarketer.com

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  • "I'M READY to get serious about making more sales by putting an end to lame sales letters than bring in lame revenue!"
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Here's A Quick Peek At What You'll Receive When You Grab The 3X Sellerator Today...

The 3X Sellerator:
Your Online Words-To-Cash Machine!

It's the proprietary software that started an online revolution. Now you can access hundreds of the top-producing sales letter and VSL lines at a click of your mouse… without any guesswork, or wondering where they need to go.

The Sellerator accelerates your sales and walks you through the entire sequence you need to quickly create a winning VSL or sales letter, all with simple clicks of your mouse. Your sales script is ready for HTML, and your VSL is output as a Powerpoint or Keynote file...all with a simple click of a button.

Even better:

The 3X Sellerator isn't software you download. It's software that goes wherever you go. It works online, on any browser, and even on tablets and smart phones. Why play games on your phone when you can win the game of VSL and sales letter cash!

The 3X Sales Page Persuasion Formula:
The Hidden Secret Of The Internet Millionaires!

What's the true secret of success? Persuasion. If you can't persuade, you will never survive.

Persuasion is mandatory, and the best in sales always have persuasion down to a science. Persuasion doesn't mean "manipulation"—it's merely speaking the language that your customer needs to hear in order to say YES!

So….want the exact Formula that's generated close to a Billion Dollars in revenue for Internet business owners like you? Then you'll get The 3X Persuasion Formula in a series of videos, each designed to help you quickly implement these strategies within The 3X Sellerator. These Persuasion Formula videos are drip-fed to you section by section, so you always feel assured and energized inside the Sellerator Flow!

FOUR (4) One-on-One Strategy Coaching Calls:
Your Very Own Private Marketing Coach! (Valued at $2,1000)

When we introducedThe Sellerator Coaching Callsthis year, my business partner nearly had a heart attack... and the marketing world was forced to watch as we raised the bar yet again on ensuring you follow through right from the start!

Listen: I've been around this game long enough to know that my customers are busy, in-demand men and women. And frankly, you will need some hand-holding at times, and inspiration at others, to get your VSL online quickly so you can start cashing in. Money loves speed, and your private Sellerator coach will make sure you get off the starting blocks in record time.

From positioning your product in the most clever, dynamic way, to implementing on time, every time, our highly trained Sellerator Coaches will take the bull by the horns and practically force you to succeed!

The 3X VSL Production-By-The-Numbers Guide:
Removes The Worry Of "Tech" In A Flash!

These simple, right-to-the-point videos designed to take you quickly from a Sellerator-generated VSL right to having it online, complete with tips on voice-over recording (all you need is a $40 mic, or I'll show you how to farm it out for next to nothing), compression so you get more sales from faster-loading pages, and even animation tips!

Cheat Sheets, Product Creation Shortcuts, Inspirational Q&A Sessions, Group Webinars, and MORE!

I'll make you a bet right now: your biggest challenge inside The 3X Sellerator with be deciding which aspect of this "All Bases Covered" System will make you the most money in the fastest time… oh woe is you. : )

Every Formula and Copy Tactic You Need To Jack Your Sales To Mars!

There's so much more inside The 3X Sellerator that it would take a novel to cover it. I'll just summarize it by saying this is your one-stop-shop to Words That Get Cash...and sales pages that get you the freedom, respect, and quality of life you freakin' deserve. Deal?

Now, I have an important message for you...

On Your Deathbed, You Will...

Remember all the times knew you should have gone for it, yet chickened out.

Studies of people on their deathbeds reveal that the most common feeling isremorse over not taking more chances.

"I wish I had really gone for it in life rather than worrying about bills and B.S."... "If I only would have taken the opportunities given to me, I could have fulfilled my dreams, and left my family with more." "I wanted the money to help so many people…"

Life is freakin' short.

I know that better than most, as I was flat on my back, barely 40 years old, staring up at the ceiling only 2 inches above my nose, listening to the blades of that CareFlight chopper beating every inch of air into a pounding "whyrrrr" as it raced me to my 50/50 chance of living. Heart attacks are about as much fun as listening to 17 hours of accordion music cranked up to 120 decibels, yet I'll tell you this:

They wake you up.

I can tell you first-hand what I was thinking, in-between moments of chest-crushing pain and fear:

"Jon...why didn't you take more chances? Why didn't you live like there was no tomorrow, and really go for it in life?"

And I was "successful" by most people's standards. Yet I still felt regret.

In reality, I wasn't successful. I worked myself right to death's door because I tried to do everything the hard way. I still work hard; it's just now I use automation tactics to work smarter and earn more cash. It's nothing magical, although at times it will feel that way to you.

Ask yourself this:

Do you really want a life you will never regret?

Do you really want to have a shot at adding a zero or two to you bank balance, all while providing more and more customers with the products and services they need?

Do you really want to make your friends, family, and yourself more proud than you have ever dreamed possible?

It's either that life, or you can just sit back and play it safe...dwell in the Land of the Average...and just settle.

Regret City.

Trust me: you want to go for it now.

Let me help you do it.

It's Time To Resurrect Your Sales And Grab Hold Of A Better Life

Here's the story:

After years of struggle and hardship, I was lucky enough to break free from the rat race and create the amazing life I now enjoy.

And yeah, there were many times I could have taken the Cowardly Lion Approach and sat on my ass… content with making "okay" money online… not really making a difference in the world… and not staking my claim.

I can honestly say that the discovery of my 3X Formula for writing VSLs and Sales Letters broke me free of a life filled with strain, debt, stress, and worry over not living my greatest destiny.

This was the resurrection point for me, and it's been the resurrection point for countless men and women a lot like you who began with nothing and made a small fortune using The 3X Sellerator System…

Or folks who came into The 3X Sellerator System with a profitable business, only to be able to take more time away from it, thanks to the increased sales and speed at which their sales messages improved. Does your business own you? If so, I can relate… and The 3X Sellerator System can help set you free.

In just a few minutes, here's what you'll be doing:

Click Here Now To Get 3X Sellerator

Click Here Now To Claim Your "Words That Get Cash" 3X Sellerator!

See What Hundreds Other Marketers
Are Saying About Sellerator!

The 3X Sellerator Even Helps You Crank Out Killer Sales Letters, Direct Mail Copy, Product Launch Formula Copy...

PLUS It Works On Any Browser, Any Computer, Laptop, Mac, PC, Tablets... Even Smart Phones!

You can and SHOULD USE The 3X Sellerator to help you knock out anything that helps you SELL MORE. Use The Persuasion Formula to help you stun your bank's President when he sees your account shoot up like a missle with more persuasive sales copy. You name it, The Sellerator can help you with it...on any system (Mac or PC), all web-based (nothing to download)...on any browser...on tablets...and hey, why not trade your smart phone in for a portable cash machine?

And While You're At It, You Can Join The Ultimate 'Cool Kids Club'

You know, when I was in school, I always dreamed of being "cool"...

Having something few others had… or having some personal 'trick' that would make me irresistible to women… or just be considered as a guy who would really be missed at any party if he didn't show up.

I never became that kid in high school… so here's what I did instead:

I re-defined "Cool".

"Cool" now means giving other marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs like you the tips, tricks and systems I've used to win over more buyers than almost any sales copy wordsmith in history…

"Cool" now means surrounding myself with folks like you—individuals who take action, and who move toward their desires and goals like a lion toward a wounded gazelle…

"Cool" now means making a massive difference in the income and the quality of life that hungry, driven, and honest people like you absolutely deserve.

Now I'm In The Cool Kids Club… And I Only Surround Myself With Those Who Are Ready To Step Up And Join.

It's actually become my mission:

To prove to all those $50,000.00-per-letter pro copywriters that folks just like you can beat them at their own game IF they have some automation, a little secret sauce, some of the best coaching on the planet, and a fail-proof System that keeps on proving itself year after year.

I'm talking about busy executives… personal assistants...first-time marketing newbies...literally anyone can do this. I've turned grandmothers into six-figure sales letter authors… personal assistants into 7-figure VSL creators…

One of my favorite success stories told me that she couldn't write a Christmas card to her grandmother! She literally couldn't write AT ALL...and now she's got her first high-converting sales page...simply by using The 3X Sellerator.

THAT is my mission personified...

And I'm asking you to be my next success story...to join the club… to be a part of the mission… and turn your sales pages, VSLs and any sales message you use into Words That Get Cash.

You In?

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Click Here Now To Claim Your "Words That Get Cash" 3X Sellerator!

Membership May Have It's Privileges, Yet It Doesn't Cost A King's Ransom

My mission, other than my family, is everything to me. I want to reach as many folks as I can and impart this gift of automatic sales copy to them.

However, I know that this System cost me millions of dollars to figure out, and that my life's work is worth more than a few measly bucks.

When The 3X Sellerator first debuted under the name The 3X VSL Generator, dozens of marketers suggested a selling price of $5,000-$15,000.00.

And you know what? It's worth that...10 times that… perhaps 100 times. And while I do offer the more aggressive among you private services that are in that price range (you can select those later if you wish)...

I was determined to be overly fair when pricing The 3X Sellerator.

So I selected a price that would keep out the riff raff, while still being affordable to anyone serious about their marketing and their freedom from the burdens of a life filled with financial worry.

That's why I am not going to ask you to invest $15,000.00 today… or $10,000.00… or even $5,000.00 today...

And by the way, $5,000.00 is actually the combined retail price of the entire 3X Sellerator System plus the add-ons you'll see today...

However, your investment today isn't even half of half of HALF of the top price marketing pros suggested I slap on the price tag… or half of even $5,000.00...

It's all yours for just one payment of only $2,997... or select our 8-pay Installment Plan and claim your membership for only 8 easy payments of just $397/month.

Click Here Now To Get 3X Sellerator

Click Here Now To Claim Your "Words That Get Cash" 3X Sellerator!

What? You Want Bonuses Or Something?

I almost didn't include this part of the letter…

And here's why:

If you need "bonuses" to tip your decision to "YES!", then you don't get it… you really don't.

Let me spell it out:

This Is The Same Exact Formula Used By Hundreds Of Marketers Online To Make Almost A Billion US Dollars.

Now… you clear?


That said, there are some add-ons that I'd like you to have simply for having the courage to say YES today and join the Cool Kids Club… the Club of the very few who actually act on their dreams.

I like folks like you.

So, I'd like you to have some free gifts today… not because I need them to make the case for your measly investment today… rather, because if you've read this far, you're probably someone I'd like to have a beer with…

And I really do want to help you succeed in ways you've never imagined. Ready?

My First Free Gift To You:
Lifetime Access To The Copy Posse (Value: In The Thousands)

Picture this:

You're in a virtual room full of hundreds of Internet business owners… much like yourself… and most of them are insanely successful…

And, they actually want to help you succeed and make more money too… And they refuse to charge you for it.

Sounds like a group you'd love to be a part of, doesn't it?

Well, you can be… I want you in The Copy Posse and I insist on giving it to you free of charge, for as long as you're a member of The 3X Sellerator Community.

That would cost you thousands of dollars; however, it's yours until this offer expires for free.

Here's just a few of the benefits:

My Second Free Gift To You:
Free Access To My 28-Day Product Creation Formula (Value: $997)

Okay, you may be one of "those"...

A guy or gal that knows you need words that get cash, yet someone who hasn't quite got the product or service angle down…

And you're curious if this is right for you. After all, shouldn't you have a product before you have the best way on earth to sell it?

Nope… just the opposite.

Most great marketers, like the late Gary Halbert, swear by creating the marketing FIRST. The 3X Sellerator will inspire you to think way outside your current box, helping you craft a VSL or Sales Letter that helps you create the product or service to fit it…

However, I want to go a step further, just in case you're skeptical:

I'll give you my 28-Day Product Creation Formula for free. It walks you by the day...literally day by day… and shows you how to create a book or video course that you can use to sell or generate leads… in 28 days OR LESS.

This is the way I've created my last three e-books and video course, and these so far have made me about $7 Million in revenue… and I did it in SEVEN DAYS rather than 28. Hey, you can speed it up too if you wanna…

Have a look now at just a few of the benefits you'll receive:

My Third Free Gift To You:
The Fly On The Money Wall $100M Conversion Secrets Seminar

8-Hours of Priceless Closed Door Video Footage… Watch Me Coach the World's Elite 9-Figure Marketers (Value: $1,997)

OK, this one is totally off the rails…

And I hesitated at first…

… Because this priceless brain dump will be quite honestly over the heads of a lot of people who desperately need the 3X Sellerator's push button EASE and persuasion POWER …

I'm giving you the FISH baby…

…Yet I also want to turn you into the freakin' MOTHER SHIP… capable of going head-to-head with even the best and brightest elite copy gunslingers in a knock-down-drag-out conversion cage match …

…That's why I'm going to risk overloading your mental circuits with my intense, no-holds-barred full day long master's course and coaching on how to create a blockbuster MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR VSL… utterly original, from scratch, and ready to tear things up in even the most hotly contested markets. 

I taught this to 35 of the absolute elite marketers in the world at the Boardroom, Inc. headquarters in 2012. Agora Publishing, Barton Publishing, Vin DiCarlo, Tim Schmidt, Robin Robins, and the top copywriters in the world were present to learn this stuff… and they all paid me $2500 each for the time.

Not you… you'll pay me nothing, and take away the same exact value… along with the skills you need to understand why and how my $100 Million Dollar Conversion Secrets Seminar has helped to make so many more sales for hundreds of marketers, giving you the best chance humanly possible of becoming the next king of the hill in your market.

You will...

My Fourth Free Gift To You:
The Complete Interview Series Traffic Pros Secrets!

10 Hours Of How-To Traffic Goldmining, Ranging From Free Traffic Strategies To Samurai Paid Traffic Tactics! (Value: $997)

Now I've REALLY done it:

I'm giving you TEN (10) hour-long interviews with the top traffic pros on the planet. They're going to take you by the hand as they reveal EVERY free, paid, and cheap traffic trick in the book...

...ensuring you never want for traffic EVER AGAIN!

My Fifth Free Gift To You:
My Entire A-to-Z Marketing Funnel Course The 3X Conversion Formula!

8 Hours Covering Every Aspect Of Converstion Increases, From Opt-In Pages, List-Building Strategies, Email, And Even Sales Page Tricks! (Value: $1997)

I sold The 3X Conversion Formula for years for $1997... and you know what? I decided to give it to you absolutely free so that we leave no stone unturned, and absolutely NO QUESTIONS about what you need to do in order to build your online empire from start to fabulous finish.

The Long-Awaited 3X Email Formula Tutorial Videos!

Now You'll Have The VERY BEST High-Converting Email Formulas Broken Down Into Simple-to-Follow Email Profit Equations™ You'll Turn To Every Single Day! (Value: $997)

Everything from short, call-to-action email formulas to “Sales Letter Emails” and everything in-between... now Sellerator truly has it all, as we've taken all the guesswork out of virtually every piece of copy you'll ever need!

The total retail value for everything included is over $9,500... and you'll get it all for A FRACTION of that cost by clicking below and securing your discounted membership TODAY!

Click Here Now To Get 3X Sellerator

Click Here Now To Claim Your "Words That Get Cash" 3X Sellerator!

Yes, I'll Even
Guarantee Your Success...

I've dealt with skeptics since day one of releasing the first 3X VSL Formula (which is included and updated within The 3X Sellerator System)...

"No one can make a VSL that makes serious cash simply by clicking a few buttons and watching some videos…"

WRONG. Just have a look at the testimonies on this page. There are more testimonies than we have space for… in fact they'd take up 40 times this much space, so deal with it… this works. Period.

However, just to set your mind (and perhaps your partner) at ease, here's my Triple Guarantee:

1. If you don't see a jump in your profits, your conversions, your customer base, or your cash flow… OR:

2. If you don't think this is the BEST Course and Software yet created for the online business person wanting to harness the power of Words That Get Cash… OR:

3. Even if you don't like the colors we used on The Sellerator… or the sound of my voice… or the FONT I use in the tutorials…

You name it, I've got your back. And, I'll GIVE BACK your investment today without question.

Here's all I ask (and tell me if this is fair) -- actually use the damn thing. I know, I know… that's SO demanding of me!

However, nothing is had in this world without some elbow grease and commitment… nothing.

So yeah, I ask that you login, create your first VSL or Sales Letter with a few clicks… and put it online.

That's all I ask.

(And I'll walk you by the hand and tell you exactly how to put it online… it's far more simple than you can imagine…)

I'll give you 30 days, and you tell me: it's the best two grand you ever invested into your business, or I'll give it right back and you can invest it somehere else…

Fair? You bet...

Click Here Now To Get 3X Sellerator

Click Here Now To Claim Your "Words That Get Cash" 3X Sellerator!

Well, There Is "One" Catch:

I feel that it's only fair to explain my future plans with the 3X Sellerator System…

Various parts of the system have been already selling since 2010…

Yet, today marks the moment of a totally new direction for what I reveal and teach inside.

The information, templates, training, examples and push-button generators alone are worth far more than the price of The 3X Sellerator…

The bonuses are off the rails…

And the One-on-One Strategy Calls with my Sellerator Coaches? Are you KIDDING ME? That's borderline absurd. My accountant wanted to strangle me when she heard what I was planning…

So, I'm only offering this deal to you for a limited, pulled-at-any-time period…

Click Here Now To Get 3X Sellerator

Click Here Now To Claim Your "Words That Get Cash" 3X Sellerator!

Now, Look At Today's Date:

Go on... look at today's date…

Now, notice the time…

Got it?

Now, imagine this with me:

It's a few weeks from today… and it's the exact same time of day…

In fact, you're sitting in the same place… right where you are now.

However, this morning, things are just a little different than previous days…

You launched your new sales letter or VSL you rapidly created using The 3X Sellerator as your copy coach...

And now, as you sit at your computer looking over sales from the previous week…

You feel a sense of excitement and joy that was missing from your life just a few short weeks ago…

"Is making money like this really so simple?" you ask yourself…

You check your sales against previous weeks when it seemed all growth was blocked…

You notice that this new sales page... your sales page… is creating more sales than ever before…

You're getting a higher return on your marketing efforts as well… with each new customer costing you less to acquire than the one before…

As the day progresses, you begin to notice the sales increasing…

It feels really fantastic to see your bank account growing every hour, doesn't it?

Sure, you're finally moving forward, and that makes you happy…

Yet you're also celebrating the fact that your business and sales are the best they have ever been, and that you're helping more and more customers achieve their goals…

And you relish the thought of those continuing sales coming in…

And the freedom that buys you…

You start planning that vacation… that surprise gift for your partner… maybe even that stupid sports car everyone has told you you'll never, ever afford… "stupid" because hey, it's a lousy investment…

Yet you don't care… it's a toy you can now afford…

This is the life that is possible for you… IF you're willing to be ethical, work within The 3X Sellerator System…really dive in deep… and stake your claim in the face of the world.

You'd be a fool or a traitor to your greatest destiny not to give this a shot… especially considering my reputation, the track record of this proven System, and the fact I'm putting your dollars in a "hold account" while you try it out on my time and my dime…

It's beyond fair. It's practically criminal.

Click Here Now To Get 3X Sellerator

Click Here Now To Claim Your "Words That Get Cash" 3X Sellerator!

Tell Me This: 30 Days From Now, Which Person Will You Be?

So now our time together has come to a close...

And it's time for you to make a very important decision:

Do you decide to act today and finally take the easy steps to create the growth, wealth and raving customer fans you truly want…

And that you truly deserve?

Or, do you just sit there and keep hoping?

Waiting for another high-priced "consultant" to come up with a miracle marketing solution...

Something you know will simply never happen…

And all the while, being forced to live out your days in a business that feels more like a prison than a joy…

One where you feel the ravages of stress growing quickly…

A business destined to remain in the clutches of slow, or even negative growth that causes you endless frustration and worry…

Week after week...

Year after year?

In short: will you decide today to be A Sales Machine… or will you opt for being Mr. or Mrs. Mediocre?

Content on living the average life, and seeing the average income…

Or someone who is unstoppable… someone who takes the highest and most profitable road possible, and burns rubber like a bat out of hell, jacked up on a cocktail of Red Bull and Adderall...

Taking every turn with confidence and adrenaline-fueled excitement…

Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the only road to success that exists.

Every winner takes this road.

Here's your shot… right turn here:

Click Here Now To Get 3X Sellerator

Click Here Now To Claim Your "Words That Get Cash" 3X Sellerator!

Here's to experiencing more sales, more cash, more freedom, and more connections over the next few weeks than you've seen in the past few months… or years… or EVER.

Your Billion-Dollar Copy Coach,

Jon Benson

P.S. If you've read this far and you haven't clicked to order, you are probably asking yourself one of the following questions.

Let me answer them for you now:

"Jon, this sounds fantastic, but this is really a lot of money fo…"

Just stop right there.

Think about what you're saying…

You're literally saying that this is "too much money" to spend on a tool that has the best track record of producing winning sales letters and VSLs than any other product in existence.

Do you realize what you're saying? How ridiculous that is?

Here's the truth: Nothing like this exists anywhere else. I'm the Godfather of the VSL, and the author of so many sales letters that made millions I've lost count. I'm also a hell of a good teacher, and my goal is not to turn you into a copywriter...unless that's what you desire. Many would-be copywriters come into the 3X Fold.

My job is to give you just enough to get your message into your prospect's mind, as if your sales pages were telepathic...beaming the words they want to hear, the words they say to themselves, right into their brains. They'll feel as if they've been destined to hit your page, or as if you wrote it "just for them." It's that powerful.

The knockoffs are shooting peas with a peashooter. I have my finger on the nuclear bomb of sales and persuasion, as marketing legends like Andy Jenkins, John Carlton, Eben Pagan, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, Brendon Brushard, Joe Polish, Perry Marshall, and more will quickly tell you.

So when you combine that with all the testimonials you see at the bottom of this page...from everyday marketers to superstars… you get why I charge what I do.

Other guys are happy to play in a smaller game. They create a cheap product that takes them about two hours and pawn it off to their huge freakin' list, promising them the moon when in reality they get nothing but dust. The 3X Sellerator isn't some sad little front end product, designed to get you to spend more cash on a dozen other products...rather, I'm giving you what totally works and asking a ridiculously fair price for it.

Marketing great Robin Robins said, "If you charge less than $10K for this, you're an idiot." That's an exact quote.

So, I'm an idiot… at least for now… and you can make fun of me all you want once you get inside and see how far over the top I went to ensure your success... and frankly to blow your mind with the quality.

Listen: I get that cash may be tight for you, yet listen to what is actually true:

You can invest a reasonable amount today and have me secure that payment in a vault for you over the next 30 days…

And if you don't see that returned to you in spades, you get it right back… so you're out not a single dime.

OR… you can keep your money, bury it in the ground or try some unproven, hyped-up Internet marketing pitch-a-thon, and see nothing...jack all… nada… zip. No chance of making 2, 5, 10, or 100 times that from your first or next winning sales letter. None.

What a STUPID decision that would be! Seriously. Sorry to be crass, but I call it like I see it.

I'm taking the chance here, not you… and if your life, business, and career destiny isn't worth this reasonable, incredibly fair investment, then you're not someone I want in the Community anyway… so go buy the next "magic button" IM bullshit product that comes your way, whine about it on the online marketing forms afterwards, and keep worrying about the rent…

OR make the savvy decision and take me up on this discount and granite-like guarantee while it's still online for you:

Click Here Now To Get 3X Sellerator

Click Here Now To Claim Your "Words That Get Cash" 3X Sellerator!

"Jon, I know that (BLANK… put famous Internet Marketer here) used your 3X Sellerator System to make over a million dollars in a week. Can you promise me the same?"

Yep… dozens of guys have done it… I've done it too.

However, no: I don't make those kinds of promises, because I don't know how truly serious you are, or if you're willing to take the risks that come with making millions. I HOPE you are that kind of person… or perhaps you're cool with just adding a lot of cash to your monthly bottom line, which is almost a given if you follow the 5-Step Formula to the letter.

Either way, there's no way you'll ever know unless you try it. Right?


"Jon, my friend said that you're using a form of hypnosis in your words… and that customers are almost forced to buy from us once we use The 3X Sellerator System… is that true?"

It's true in a way:

I teach a form of hypnotic induction that includes pre-written copy for you that leverages rhythm (very important) and cadence. The copy supplied to you also uses NLP, or neurolingustic programming, which helps put your prospect's mind in a state of receptivity, and that does have the effect of getting more YESES from them, that's for sure.

However, this is not manipulation or coercion... I'm merely using their own desires and language patterns to talk "to" them rather than "at" them… and you will never figure out how to do this unless you want to study psychology and copywriting for 15 years as I have.

So no one will ever buy a product or service that they don't already have SOME interest in. Talking people into buying stuff they don't need is not the marketing tactic I teach. That's called being a total ass.

I teach you how to reach the 90% who are on the fence… who know they NEED what you're offering, yet need a push. I'll give you that push in The 3X Sellerator… and while some look at it as "credit card swipe hypnosis", I look at it as the most dynamic way to sell a product or service to more people who actually need it.

And you need THIS NOW:

Click Here Now To Get 3X Sellerator

Click Here Now To Claim Your "Words That Get Cash" 3X Sellerator!

"Jon, I've heard from others who are in The Copy Posse that you spend a lot of time there. I just bought a course by a famous IM "guru" and he never even bothered to answer my customer service questions. Tell me this is going to be a different experience."

My wife gets on my ass for answering emails at odd hours… I'm kinda nuts like that. I have the best trained Customer Satisfaction staff you'll ever meet as well… and they answer all of your questions.

However, I just love to chat with my customers… I always have. That's why I'm on The Copy Posse virtually every day, except for the few weeks per year I go on vacation. You'll find me the most approachable "guru" there is… and the sooner you join, you'll experience exactly what that feels like.

"Jon, are you going to sell me on 100 other 'miracle products' after I order today?"

If you mean will I offer you the occasional third-party solution that I use myself and that can help you make even more money, then yes… rarely. I don't do it much because I have such high standards for what I send to my peeps.

And, if you mean my 19 product lines, all which are essentially in the category of "Yet Another Box I Will Never Open" IM product… the answer is absolutely NOT.

My first and primary product is The 3X Sellerator. It takes the vast majority of my time. I'm not one of those marketers who constantly come up with the next hot-sounding cash-making scheme and sell it to you incessantly. My 3X Sellerator is my baby… that's what I do, and except for taking the occasional high-profile copy client, and my fitness e-books, that's ALL I DO.

I don't want to create one product after another. I wanted to create The Ferrari Of The Marketing Industry… And simply improve on it month after month, year after year… and that's what I've done.

Experience it for yourself today:

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"Jon, can I use The 3X Sellerator to generate other things like Product Launch Formula videos, live speeches, presentations, webinars, direct mail pieces, and even emails?"

Absoutely. In fact you can use The 3X Sellerator to help you with any sales message in any medium you have.

Some of this is done with The Sellerator machine itself. Other things, like using the 3X Persuasion Formula for emails, is covered in bonus video tutorials. I even cover how you can close robotically during a webinar or on a stage to increase your close rate through the roof!

You should never write another direct mail piece, presentation, or even email without having The 3X Sellerator in your corner!

"Jon, if I use The 3X Sellerator...what marketers are calling "An Online Cash Machine"...software that provides me with slide after slide, paragraph after paragraph of your personal proven sales copy, won't I sound like you? Or sound like everyone else?"

Sounding like me is a good idea… trust me. And you may take on a few of my winning copy mannerisms, sure…

However, your VSL or sales letter will sound VERY unique… and here's why:

There are well over 1,000,000 variations of sales copy possible within The 3X Sellerator. The odds of you sounding just like the next guy are practically nil… however, you DO want to have the same patterns that have been proven time and time again to generate the most amount of sales.

Here's an amazing story:

I know a client that sends the same exact email out the first day of every month… and has for over 2 years now.

Every time he sends, he sees the same cash results… every single time.

He's even tested it once every WEEK and saw similar results.

People NEED familiarity. Humans are "me too" creatures. So certain patterns and styles work, and will keep working because they tap into this need.

It's similar to asking, "If old-school headlines worked so well in the 1930's then how do they still work today?"

It's because human psychology is slow to change.

Take advantage of it.

"Jon, is this hard or time-consuming? I'm really busy."

If you consider watching videos that teach you slide by slide, paragraph by paragraph, exactly what to do next… or even skipping those videos and just using The 3X Sellerator to point/click/save your Words That Get Cash "hard"... then I feel sorry for you.

If you want to deep-dive into The Sellerator Persuasion Formula tutorials, then that will take you a few days… however, you can just start using The 3X Sellerator as-is, although I highly recommend you watch the Persuasion Tutorials so you can understand what the wizard is doing behind the curtain. That will make you a ton more cash in the long run.

"Jon, do you stand behind your promises that I will succeed?"

Absolutely. Hence my reputation. However, your success is dependant upon you taking action, and taking your online business seriously.

Listen: I know all the wannabe "seaside millionaires"... hell, people think I'm one of them because I DO live on a beach in Malibu, California… a lifestyle that I earned before I ever created my 3X empire.

I earned it by using the exact same tactics you'll learn, and producing $47 e-books with kick-ass VSLs and sales pages. Presto: millions.

But I worked my ass off… I really did. And I still do. I love my job. I hope you love yours as well, or that you'll let me help you create a career you DO LOVE. Life is just too short man… you gotta do this now.

So if you'll work with me, hand-by-hand through The 3X Sellerator, I guarantee you'll succeed, or I'll just give you your investment right back. It's a promise I rarely use. I have one of the lowest refund rates in the business, primarily because I radically over-deliver, and people make a lot of cash using The 3X Sellerator. However, if you're one of the rare ones, I have your back… 30 days on me, or you don't pay a penny:

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Click Here Now To Claim Your "Words That Get Cash" 3X Sellerator!

"Simply put, Jon has come up with more cool ideas in the world of marketing than anyone I know. He gets results very few people can achieve, and he can teach others how to do the same. He taught me his 'ugly VSL' techniques, and we've used them ever since to make millions."

Ryan Deiss, DigitalMarketer.com

"Same list, same exact traffic. We went on from there to create the top product on Clickbank… as in ALL of Clickbank… multi-millions in sales, entirely from the 3X Sellerator techniques."

Josh Pellicer, The Tao Of Baddass

"3X was instrumental in getting our WillingWay marketing and website positioning off the ground. Jon is not only brilliant as a marketer, he's one of the best 'teachers' I've ever met."

Mariel Hemingway, Actress/Fitness and Wellness Spokesperson

"I've cranked out a record breaking sales letter - all because of The Sellerator. Thank you! Honestly, I have spent more than likely between a half million and a million on training and courses over the years for all of my companies and all of my employee's and I have never given the "best of" award...until now."

Jim Engel, Real Estate Marketer

"I have spent a lot of money on a lot of courses. I will tell you that your insight and organization of The 3X Sellerator System, along with great presentations, is making this the best System BY FAR that I have seen. I cannot envision how this cannot rapidly improve everyone's conversions. God bless you. I know your passion is to over deliver and I for one, greatly appreciate it."

Lane 'Dawg' Bowers, Barefoot Waterskiing Champion and Internet Marketer

"Seriously, Jon taught me how to market my own products more effectively, and I've made millions for years in this business. He was also key in teaching my staff how to use his 3X Sellerator to literally create 5 and 6-figure VSLs WITHOUT me having to write them myself or pay top copywriters to do it. His 3X Sellerator can take a total newbie marketer and make them into a virtual pro… and that means you can pocket more cash."

Tellman Knudson, Internet Marketing Pro

"Jon is one of the most badass marketers on the planet. His knowledge of the psychology of selling, mixed with his invention of SO many sales letter and video sales letter techniques, and of course The 3X Sellerator, makes him THE go-to guy in marketing today."

Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing, ILoveMarketing.com

"I usually don't endorse anyone, but I'm making an exception for Jon Benson. He helped me crush a multi-million dollar launch, and with his 3X Sellerator training, I created my own videos sales letter to automatically close a live speaking event, which made over $400,000 in profit. He's the real deal."

Dean Graziosi, The World's #1 Real Estate Marketer

"I used Jon's 3X Sellerator, and now I have the top offer in my industry...all from a single VSL!"

Vin DiCarlo, Pandora's Box

"Jon's not only an amazing wordsmith, he's also amazing at positioning, and helping others via The Sellerator to learn how to position their products in sales letters, VSLs, blogs, you name it, to simply GTM… GET THE MONEY."

Andy Jenkins, Video Boss, Traffic Genesis

Even More Proof!

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